Welcome to Coverlite Outdoor Gear

By Jason Noel - Last Updated: May 19, 2017

CoverLite Is Now OnlineCoverLite Website Design

Thank you very much for visiting our new website. As you can see, our website is still being developed but we wanted to blog about our progress so that you can see the transition all along the way.

What is CoverLite?

The purpose of CoverLite is to providing purposeful outdoor gear in order to give customers a better outdoor experience than they would have otherwise.

To have customers feel comfortable and confident that what they purchased is of the highest quality and will help them to enjoy the outdoors even more.

Website update: 

Coverlite First Website DesignWe have just updated our website. It’s been almost a year since CoverLite has been online and we just made our first major site update.

Take a look at our new design and how it compares to our first layout:

We would love to hear your thoughts on our new site, so please be sure to comment below.